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The FREE app that connects students all over the world.

Show them how it's done!

Congratulations! You survived at least one semester as an international student. You rock! So now, it's time to show other students how it's done…put your charm and wits together and let's teach some rookies what it takes to become a self-sufficient and successful international student.

Connect. Share. Experience!

Are you the sharing kind? Share your story with other students from your country and the rest of the world. Make use of your experiences to help other students who dream about studying in the country where you are right now. Change lives - it's in your power!

What goes around, comes around...

Some people call it karma, others just say that whatever goes around, comes around. Here at buddyapp we've scientifically tested the theory and it WORKS! The more you give, the more you get back. So, how about a bunch of freshman students next year ready to return your favour, because they owe you...

Some exclusive features...

Start regular chat or group chat, receive push notifications for new conversations, register and login with Facebook, select your destination country and city, filter friends emased on chosen universities, gender and country of origin and much more...


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What is buddyapp ?

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the FREE mobile app that connects students all around the world...

If you are a prospective student, buddyapp is your tool to get your hands on a rich source of information: the experience of students from your country who are already integrated in the international environment. So go ahead and pick their brains, squeeze out the information and use it for yourself.

Become an Ambassador

The buddyapp mobile app is free and it will help you find friends from all over the world and chat with them - fun & easy.

By becoming an Ambassador, you'll be giving credit to Your University, making your friends and teachers proud and, most importantly, changing the lives of other students.

let the numbers speak for themselves...

From all around the world, every minute, every second, buddyapp is the students choice to select their destination countries, cities and universities, while they find friends to whom they can connect and start new social integrations.

Users by Destination

    United Kingdom (796)

    United States (18)

    Romania (14)

    Bulgaria (11)

    Portugal (10)

    Ireland (9)

    Croatia (9)

    United Arab Emirates (8)

    India (7)

    Germany (7)

    Lithuania (6)

    Spain (6)

    Greece (4)

    France (4)

    Slovakia (4)

    Denmark (4)

    Sweden (3)

    Canada (3)

    Hungary (3)

    Afghanistan (3)

    Pakistan (3)

    Italy (2)

    Singapore (2)

    Latvia (2)

    country.** (2)

    Namibia (2)

    South Africa (2)

    British Virgin Islands (2)

    Andorra (2)

    Netherlands (2)

    Switzerland (2)

    Australia (2)

    Austria (1)

    Angola (1)

    Bahamas (1)

    Estonia (1)

    American Samoa (1)

    Brazil (1)

    New Zealand (1)

    Gibraltar (1)

    Czech Republic (1)

    Bangladesh (1)

    Philippines (1)

    South Korea (1)

    Japan (1)

    Iraq (1)

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